SimplyCast Story 18: Failing Fast, Continuous Improvement

SimplyCast Story 18: Failing Fast, Continuous Improvement

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In the ever changing and fast moving world of technology, it is essential to be able to move forward quickly. If you release a product with bugs, you need to address them as quickly as possible. That is what we mean by failing fast. Listening intently to your customers' needs and feedback helps you overcome temporary failure. Focus on quality customer service and you will create customers who are loyal in the long term.

In 2011, SimplyCast launched versions 6 and 7 of our multi-channel marketing solution. With the quick successive launches came a host of bugs and other challenges. Our team was up for it, and we knew we had to move fast to keep from losing customers.

Failing and rebounding from that failure is essential to ongoing success. We gathered information from customers before, during and after each launch and used this information to learn from our mistakes. We identified the problems that would cause customer dissatisfaction and worked around the clock to resolve them.

The main point that was essential to address was quality. When you work fast, your level of productivity sometimes outshines your focus on perfection. After the launch of Version 6, we continued to prioritize speed of service and quick response to customer complaints. We also focused on doing even more comprehensive quality assurance before launches to reduce the number of bugs and ensure the release of a top notch product.

The SimplyCast team's commitment to quality and timely customer service helped greatly cut down the number of support calls. The lessons we learned from those early launches have stuck with us. Customers to this day tell us SimplyCast has one of the best marketing automation solutions on the market and provides the best customer service they have ever experienced.

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