The SimplyCast Story, Part 19: Recruiting from MBA

The SimplyCast Story, Part 19: Recruiting from MBA

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The SimplyCast Story

SimplyCast has always been dedicated to adding students and new graduates to our employee roster. We believe in providing job opportunities for talented workers right out of school. After all, how can you gain work experience if companies won't hire you because you don't have any work experience?

One of the best ways to find innovative, dedicated sales and marketing staff is through Master of Business Administration students. The MBA students we have hired have not only brought true value to our company, but they have also been integral to the development of some of our core offerings.

Jennifer Jackson started out at SimplyCast in 2012, completing the Corporate Residency that was part of her MBA program at Dalhousie University. Although she had limited work experience, she was a clear leader from the beginning. Jennifer began developing and working on a pilot program which would help expand SimplyCast's reach across the globe.

"My MBA helped prepare me for my role in sales and marketing in ways I didn't even consider when I decided to pursue the degree. The sales and marketing classes I took obviously played a big role in my professional development. Yet I find as I take on more responsibility that the soft skills I learned during the program are what really help me excel. These are skills I apply on a daily basis in my career, including time management, task prioritization, interpersonal skills and stress management," explained Jennifer Jackson.

In 2012 and 2013, no one expected this new pilot program, called SimplyCast Reseller, to succeed. Even Jennifer had serious doubts about its success. She designed Reseller to enable other businesses to resell SimplyCast's product. Reseller brings in a new revenue stream for these businesses and helps SimplyCast spread our brand far and wide. Jennifer's experience that she gained from her MBA helped her build the foundation for what would become a successful program.

We now have an entire Reseller team. SimplyCast has Resellers on six continents. The Reseller program is an essential aspect that drives our growth and builds our brand in countries across the world. Without the hard work and determination of one MBA student, Reseller may never even have existed. Jennifer is still with SimplyCast and she now holds the title of Sales Manager. She manages the sales team for SimplyCast 360, our flagship product.

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