Top 6 Reasons to Use SimplyCast's Vaccine Uptake System

Top 6 Reasons to Use SimplyCast's Vaccine Uptake System

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SimplyCast Vaccine Uptake System

Vaccine uptake is an important task, and one that has to be addressed. With WHO estimates putting overall vaccine wastage worldwide at nearly 50% of total supply, and here at home much lower estimates still putting wastage in the millions of doses, something has to be done. We’ve talked about how a system like this can potentially benefit pharmacies and what steps you would need to take to implement such a system, so now you know how you could benefit and how to put together such a process. Why should you use SimplyCast?

The short answer is that SimplyCast is a multi-channel, all in one platform with high levels of customization and scalability. We have 20+ communication channels and tools for you and a suite developed completely in-house. This means that we have a level of customizability that sets us apart as well.

In this blog, we’ll go over the reasons that SimplyCast is a good answer to your need for a vaccine uptake system.

Easy-to-use solution

For many people, the first thought when the topic of automation comes up is that this will be technically demanding and complex to learn to use. This is a valid concern. Many solutions out there require knowledge of computer coding or require other technical knowledge to operate. With SimplyCast however, you can put yourself at ease knowing that you will be able to work without the need for highly technical knowledge. Our drag-and-drop platform will make life easier and provide a clean, intuitive design. What’s more, SimplyCast is built entirely in-house. That means that if you have technical requirements, we can often work with you on those matters.

Automatic personalization

When you’re sending out messages related to vaccinations, you want to be certain that the people you’re messaging are receiving them. Of course, when they reply that is confirmation enough, but before that you want to maximize the chances that the recipient will look at the message. Personalized messages are opened more often than generic ones and we can help you accomplish that with systems designed to personalize messages based on the customer data that you have already collected.

Improved community trust and relationships

Follow-up messages and a more effective process, leading to fewer double-bookings or other issues, can only be a bonus. Human error due to the extra pressure put on pharmacy workers can erode trust in the establishment, which could lead to people being less willing to get their vaccines. That’s why having systems in place that can make the job less stressful and help push attention back to the vaccination process and making this difficult period as approachable as possible for patients.

Scalable and reliable system

A crash in the vaccine system could set you back days, weeks, or even months, depending on the length of the interruption and how much rescheduling you have to do. It could result in patient data leakage, which would be disastrous. Worse, you could lose data on appointments and not know what the coming days might hold. SimplyCast maintains an uptime of 99.5% and has policies in place to ensure that major issues are caught beforehand and dealt with. Furthermore, even if something were to happen to a nearby pharmacy and leave you covering hundreds or thousands more vaccinations, our system is capable of scaling with you, with an unlimited contact database and the ability to send more than 100,000 messages per hour. What’s more, we maintain an enterprise-level security policy within the app and for our employees, meaning that your data is safe.

You’re not alone, no matter what happens

The unexpected can happen at any time, and SimplyCast maintains many safeguards to ensure you can handle it. First and foremost, we’ll ensure that you’re ready to handle minor hiccups with interactive onboarding and training. We won’t leave you to figure it out on your own. As well, if something comes up that you need help with, we have a dedicated account management team that is ready to assist you no matter what the issue. Finally, if there is an issue that is due to a lack of functionality or something of a similar sort, our app is developed in-house. This means that feature requirements for clients can be passed directly on to our development team to determine the feasibility of the requirement.

Multi-purpose toolset

SimplyCast is capable of so much more, as we’re sure you’ve determined in reading these blogs. As a vaccine uptake system, it does everything you’ll need it to. It will also work for notifications related to delivery orders, or as a means of sending out flyers directly to customers’ inboxes. There are numerous uses for a platform as versatile as SimplyCast, and we can handle nearly any kind of digital engagement. If you have other use cases, let us know and we will research and build a solution for them.

These are our top six reasons SimplyCast is the system for your vaccination appointments. If you think our solution could work for you, let us show you how it works!

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