Single Send Emails are Coming to SimplyCast!

Single Send Emails are Coming to SimplyCast!

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Single Send Emails

Send emails to your customers with the click of a button! Ever want to send a one-off email to a subscriber or customer without having to create an entire campaign? We call it Single Send Emails or Personal Emails. Single Send Emails save time and create simplicity when you need to send emails to a single contact or a few contacts only.

The Single Send Email is an exciting new feature coming to the SimplyCast platform! Skip the campaign creation and scheduling process altogether. Just enter the content you want directly from the contact "View & Edit" page, just as you would in a regular email program, and click the send button to send email. This feature enables you to save time and simplifies the email process for one-off emails.

Sometimes you just need to send a simple email to one or more of your contacts. You don't want to have to create a whole campaign for a one-off email and you don't want to worry about scheduling a send email time. You can use a branded company template or a SimplyCast pre-designed template. This saves time while still enabling you to retain a consistent, professional brand image. You can also choose to communicate with your subscribers or customers with a quick plain text email.

This new email feature will be going live Wednesday. You will be able to access it by logging in to the SimplyCast email application. From there, all you need to do is click on "View & Edit" for a contact from the Contact Manager page. Then click the Send Email button to use this feature, choose "Personal Email," type in or copy and paste the email content and click the send button to send an email.

You can also use pre-made templates. Templates are made by following the normal email workflow, saving the email as a template and checking the "Personal Email" checkbox. You can save any templates you create so they are available for you the next time you want to send a similar email.

You can still view reports on all emails that you send using the Single Send Email feature. The reporting for each email is available on the timeline of the contact who you sent the email to. It is also available from your regular email reports page.

We hope you enjoy the simplicity of Single Send Emails whenever you need them! If you have questions about this new feature, please reach out to our friendly customer support staff at

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