What's a Small Business to Do? Turn to Their Web Host

What's a Small Business to Do? Turn to Their Web Host

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What's a Small Business to Do

Small businesses are struggling. Not all of them, of course, but many. Limited staff resources and a smaller budget means that many small businesses find it very challenging to effectively connect with their customers. Marketing automation tools are in high demand with small businesses. They need communication tools that enable them to reach out to each customer and grow their business while also saving them time and money.

Such tools are not too good to be true. Marketing automation tools are efficient and often very affordable. Now what if these marketing automation tools were available through a web host as additional services? Small business customers are the lifeblood of most web hosts. By white labeling a marketing automation solution, hosts can help their small business customers grow. In return, the host gains an additional source of revenue, boosts customer satisfaction and reduces customer churn.

Let's say you, as a host, decide to white label. You may be wondering how you will market your new tools to your customers. What can automation really do to help your small business customers? And can a small business really afford an automated marketing solution? Assessing your customers' needs will help you decide if white labeling is right for you.

Can my customers afford marketing automation services?

One of the great aspects of white labeling a solution is that you usually get to set your own prices. That means that you decide if you want to offer a more affordable rate for small businesses, or you can bundle add-on marketing automation services with your customers' regular web host services for a better deal.

Marketing automation tools also help small businesses save money and reduce staff time, so the price is often well worth it for small business customers.

How do marketing automation tools help small business customers save money and grow their businesses?

When small businesses don't have to do everything manually, the time and effort spent on such inefficient tasks are reduced, freeing up resources for other projects.

Marketing automation also enables small businesses to nurture their leads more effectively and helps shorten their sales cycle. This contributes to more conversions and leads to an increase in revenue.

Marketing automation also opens up new possibilities for small businesses that were not possible before. Using automated communication processes means that businesses can maintain meaningful personalized contact with each customer over time and can reach out automatically on birthdays, appointment dates, subscription renewal dates and much more.

What types of marketing automation tools should I be looking for in a white label solution?

You want a solution that offers some of the most in-demand tools for small businesses, and the tools that will be the most useful for them. These tools include the ever-popular email marketing, social media management, comprehensive contact management, online surveys, signup forms, text message marketing and so on. Look for tools that help customers communicate more efficiently and enable them to get their name out there online. Looking for an all-in-one solution? Check out SimplyCast 360.

Is marketing automation only useful for small businesses?

Marketing automation can be useful for any size business, from small to enterprise, and can be implemented successfully in many different industries. Just make sure you select a solution that is scalable, to ensure that it has the powerful functionality that your enterprise customers will require.

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