SMS Marketing Software - SimplyCast

SMS Marketing Software - SimplyCast

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SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing is an easy and quick way to interact with customers. Our SMS tool allows you to create engaging mobile messages and send them to your customers in minutes. SMS messages are convenient and personal. You can merge in your customers' names, company names or other details to help personalize the messages. We even provide short codes for Canada to allow your customers to get engaged quickly and easily.

SMS is one of the fastest growing ways to reach out to your customers. Most text messages are read within just minutes of being sent, because most people carry their mobile phones everywhere, so SMS is a highly effective and personal way to contact your customers. SMS messages are best kept short and sweet, which makes them the perfect format to send quick reminders, coupons and updates.

SimplyCast currently only offers short codes in Canada only

Learn more about SimplyCast's SMS Application here

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