How to Use SMS Messaging in Tourism Marketing Strategy

How to Use SMS Messaging in Tourism Marketing Strategy

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Tourism Marketing Strategy

SMS messaging is an immediate form of communication that is becoming increasingly popular for businesses and organizations to use to connect with customers. Businesses in the tourism industry should also be using this as part of their marketing strategy.

Here are the top three ways you can use SMS messaging in tourism.

1) Have keywords for helpful tips

Keywords are great for providing to visitors to text in to you in order to get helpful tips. When a visitor books their trip, provide them with a keyword to use. When they text in this keyword, reply with helpful tips and tricks to help them prepare for their trip. This helps you engage your tourists before the trip even begins.

2) Provide visitors with upcoming event reminders

Tourists that come to your area are not going to be familiar with all upcoming events around them. Encourage your visitors to take in the local events by providing reminders about them. SMS messages can be sent out to tourists that have signed up for SMS communications the day before the event. This way the events are fresh in the tourist's mind right before they happen.

3) Offer personalized information about the area

Like how tourists are not going to be aware of any upcoming events, they are also not going to be familiar with local history and information. Offer tourists information via SMS to help them get to know more about the area they are visiting. You can space this information out over a span of time while the tourists are in your area.

You can make this information more personal by asking them what specific areas they will be visiting and providing details on those as well as general information about the greater area.

Do it all easily

Manually responding to all of your tourists SMS requests would be very time-consuming. But, with an SMS marketing tool this becomes much easier. SimplyCast 360 provides an SMS tool that can be used to send tourists SMS messages automatically. This saves you time and resources while providing an engaging experience for your visitors.

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