Automated Snowplow Operator Recall System: Top 4 Benefits

Automated Snowplow Operator Recall System: Top 4 Benefits

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Top 4 Benefits of Having an Automated Snowplow Operator Recall System

An automated snowplow operator recall system can be a lifesaver for any municipal or city administration when there is an emergency winter maintenance situation. This type of system allows administrators to assemble a team of additional snowplow operators during an emergency in the fastest possible time.

In a manual way, city or municipality staff call or message snowplow operators one by one to recruit additional drivers. This process takes time and ties up many resources which is not ideal during an emergency. In the manual process, the whole communication flow can be disoriented just because of a minor mistake. On the other hand, using an automated snowplow operator recall system, the administration can send recall messages to many snowplow operators at once. Those who can report to duty can respond by responding to that message. When the required number of operators respond, the recall message is automatically closed.

Sounds interesting, right? We have explained how this automated snowplow operator recall process works in this blog. You can take a look to learn about the process in detail and the way you can set it up.

In this blog, however, we are going to address the benefits to cities, towns, and municipalities if they implement an automated snowplow operator recall system.

So, here are the top four benefits of using an automated system to recall snowplow drivers:

Reduce Manual Tasks

One of the most cumbersome tasks in the whole process is sending messages to all snowplow operators one by one. Moreover, if personalized messages need to be sent to them, the workload doubles instantly. An administrator has to copy the messages, paste them into a new individual message, personalize them manually, and then send them to each recipient.

However, if you are using an automated snowplow driver recall solution, all you need to do is create a single message template and send it. The solution will automatically personalize messages using information stored on each recipient, meaning each of your drivers will receive a personalized recall message. This would reduce almost 80% of the manual, repetitive tasks.

Save Time

Naturally, manual tasks come with a mandatory obligation to waste your time. I mean, imagine sending 50 recall messages one by one. Creating, modifying, and sending these messages takes time. Plus, if you are tracking who you are sending to in a separate sheet, it takes even more time.

However, when you deploy an automated snowplow driver recall system, you can automate all these tasks, saving your time and resources. This factor is particularly important because when piles of snow are blocking sidewalks or roads are getting icy; you need to be as fast and as efficient as you can.

Reduce Communication Blocks

Using a manual method, you can send recall messages to your drivers. But then what? You have no control over the communication cycle. You don’t get to know who read your messages or who opened them. You are in a communication void. All you can do is to wait for drivers to respond “yes, I’m coming” or “no, I can’t”.

If you are using an automated solution though, you can see how many recall messages were delivered, how many people opened the messages, and how many people read them and responded one way or another. That makes two-way communication way easier for you.

Boost Efficiency

Finally, when you use an automated snowplow operator recall system, you boost your overall efficiency. Instead of manually collecting responses one by one, you can track incoming responses in real time. Also, you can automatically let other drivers know when enough resources have been assembled in order to prevent an excessive number of responders. You can also tweak the recall system in a way that if someone opts out after responding initially, you can resume the campaign faster to fill in the gap. Doing all these things manually would consume a significant portion of your time and resources.

So, there are our top four benefits of using an automated system for your snowplow driver request campaign.

SimplyCast has built an automated snowplow operator recall solution that can be customized to cater to your needs. It also comes with many other perks and benefits other than our top four picks!

If you are interested to learn more about our automated snowplow driver recall solution, we are just a click away.

Simply book a one-on-one demo with our experts and let us show you!

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