How Food Retailing Companies Benefit from Social Media

How Food Retailing Companies Benefit from Social Media

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Food Retailing Companies

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool for all industries. Over 74 percent of all internet users use social media. How can food retailing companies take advantage of this growing trend in communication?

Social media allows you to communicate and connect with your customers in ways never before possible. Now, you are able to share content and ideas in a casual platform that allows your customers to communicate back to you.

Here are some ways to best utilize social media for food retailing companies.

  • Share recipes: A big thing with social media is content sharing instead of marketing. Maybe your grocery store has a flyer coming out soon that advertises fish. Wouldn't it be handy if your customers saw a recipe for fish right before it was featured in the flyer?
  • Post industry tips and tricks: Everyone loves having insider knowledge. Provide this to your customers and they will keep coming back to you page for more information. Plus, you'll look like an industry expert.
  • Host contents: Social media is the perfect platform to host contests. Ask customers to answer food-related trivia questions and the first person to answer could be entered into a draw for a gift card. Contests like this are particularly good for driving social media traffic because they will have customers returning time and time again to check on the contest status.

Maintaining a social media presence seems like a daunting task. After all, you're already managing other marketing strategies for your food retailing business. How are you supposed to add another one to your plate?

Luckily, there are tools to help you. SimplyCast has a Facebook automation tool. This tool allows you to write and schedule posts in advance so that they post over time. This means you can have the strong social media presence you need without adding too much to your workload.

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