Tips for Writing Great Automated Call Scripts

Tips for Writing Great Automated Call Scripts

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Automated Call Scripts

In the age of email marketing and social media awareness, it can be easy to forget about the power of voice broadcasting. After all, even though it is an immediate form of communication that is almost always answered, it is time-consuming to routinely call your customers about every new update when writing an email is much easier.

But, what if doing a voice campaign was just as easy as writing an email?

With the invention of voice broadcasting software and text-to-speech editors, it has never been easier to engage your customers over the phone without doing anything more difficult than writing an email. With voice broadcasting software, you just write your script, upload it into the software, and send it to your customers.

When using a text-to-speech editor and writing your scripts, there are a few things you should know.

1) Identify yourself right away

There's no quicker way to get a customer to hang up on you besides not identifying yourself. Since a phone call is such a personal form of communication, you need to tell your customers who you are before moving on with your script.

2) Keep it brief

Your customers are busy and on the go. Don't take up more of their time than you need to. Keep your message as short as possible without missing any of the important information you want to impart.

3) Use simple language and watch your spelling

Text-to-speech editors can be quite sophisticated and pronounce complex words, but as a precaution, it is recommended that you use simpler language just in case. More importantly, proofread all your scripts to ensure there are no typos. A typo in your script will not sound good in a text-to-speech editor.

4) Offer a callback number

Since these messages are automated, you want to provide interested clients a way to get more information from you. Leaving a callback number at the end of the email is the perfect way to give this contact information to customers. Just be sure to say it twice in case a customer misses it the first time.

If you're interested in seeing what voice broadcasting software can do for your business, visit this page.

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