5 Tips For Marketing Financial Advisor Services

5 Tips For Marketing Financial Advisor Services

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Marketing Financial Advisor Services

Being an industry expert puts a lot of pressure on you to succeed. This is especially true of financial advisors. Where patients entrust their health to a doctor in the moment, clients are entrusting you likewise with their future. As such, one of the things you want most of all is for them to feel a personal connection to you and an appreciation of your services. Essentially you want them to feel like family. Here are five tips that will help you as a financial advisor to connect with your customers through little personal touches.

1. Email newsletters: This seems like a detached move, but with merge tags that insert the individual client's name, this little touch keeps them up to date with news and new services or promotions that may be available. It makes them feel more connected, especially in the case of new customers.

2. Appointment reminders: A friendly, casual reminder via email, SMS, or even a phone call can make the customer truly feel valued and important. This means that they will show up for their appointments more often because prompt reminders reduce the amount of clients who show up late or do not show up at all.

3. Build a community on social media: This is a soapbox of mine, and I mention it regardless of industry. Social media is a fantastic promotional tool, but its real potential is the scope of communication it offers. Hold contests, little trivia games, or other interactive events on your social media pages. Allow clients to send in success stories and post them, celebrating your clients' achievements and your company's community involvement. Announce events that your company is involved with, and otherwise build on your relationships with your clients. Engaged clients who feel like they're part of something more than simply a client/service-person relationship are happy clients, and happy clients tend to refer others.

4. Encourage customers to submit reviews and testimonials to third-party sites. Satisfied customers want to share their positive experiences. Giving them a third party web page where they can post those things means that people reading them are likely to find the content more trustworthy. And rightfully so. This means that readers feel the opinions expressed are honest, and will believe them over anything listed on your site. This isn't to say that you can't post testimonials and reviews, but the ones that are posted outside your site are more likely to be believed and taken into account when choosing a financial advisor.

5. Offer new customers coming in receive a greeting and educational package, such as a digital package emailed to them as they sign up for a first consultation that educates them on the kind of information you'll be looking for, and what you can do for them. That way they come into that first appointment feeling that you've already shared with them some basic information, and they have an idea of what you're talking about.

These tips will help you connect with your customers on a more personal level, something that will result in better customer satisfaction, and a tighter knit community. As such, you'll get more free press from happy customers, and be more visible as someone who stands out among other businesses in the industry for making business with you a lifestyle and a customer experience, not simply a transaction. These, and other tips should help you in marketing financial advisor services and are easily found here at SimplyCast, where we do our absolute best to be the best in automation and communication for you.

Speaking of automation, check out our marketing automation platform to help you with these tips!

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