Top 7 Reasons to Partner with a Marketing Automation Company

Top 7 Reasons to Partner with a Marketing Automation Company

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Partner with a Marketing Automation Company

Do you need a solution that will give you an edge over competitors and increase customer loyalty? Did you know that we offer many different partnership solutions for your unique business? Become a Reseller and provide a complete marketing automation solution to your customers. Or become an Affiliate and promote our services while earning a new revenue stream. Or become a technology partner and integrate SimplyCast's tools with your own current offering.

Here, we will be looking at the top seven benefits of choosing the Reseller option. Becoming a Reseller means that you rebrand the entire SimplyCast platform as your own. We provide comprehensive resources and support to help you get set up and ensure your success.

1. Increase Customers

Customers often use many different solutions for their marketing needs, but they want a single integrated solution. An all-in-one solution is more convenient for customers, and allows them to make the most of their budget. If you offer the best available solution, you are the provider that customers will choose.

2. Increase Average Revenue per User

Upselling is a frequently used sales tool. Your customers already purchase services from you, and now you can offer them more of the services that they need. Provide personalized marketing automation packages that include additional services. Surveys show that when customers purchase additional services from their provider they are less likely to leave.

3. Increase Revenue

When you provide more services, you make more sales and earn an additional revenue stream. Marketing automation is in high demand from small businesses and enterprise businesses, so you also attract more customers who are seeking marketing automation services.

4. Increase Customer Life Cycle

Do you get a lot of customer churn, where customers frequently drop off after using your services for a while? Keep those customers around by providing all the services they need in a single solution. As mentioned earlier, customers are more likely to stick around and remain loyal when they are using more of your services.

5. Be a Revenue Driver

Customers want a solution that will enable them to succeed. Marketing automation makes your customers' marketing efforts much more efficient and effective. By providing the tools for success, you ensure that your customers have the best chance to grow. Providing the best marketing automation solution keeps your customers loyal and helps them succeed.

6. Increase Customer Engagement

Why not use your own marketing automation tools for yourself? Adding automation to your marketing and customer communications enables personalization, increases efficiency and dramatically reduces the staff hours needed to complete tasks. Communicate with your customers using automated emails, SMS messages, voicemails, online customer surveys and much more. Personalized messages gain high interaction and response rates, as opposed to mass messages.

7. Scale as You and Your Customers Scale

The entire marketing automation solution is fully scalable. As your customers grow (and as you grow) your marketing automation solution grows with them. No matter how many new contacts they acquire, they will be able to easily manage them all and market individually to each one of them.

Visit our Reseller page today to learn more. Also, check out our Partnership page to see which solution is right for your business. When you're ready, please contact our Reseller team: Ariel Hopper, Director, Partnerships at 866.323.6572, ext. 1204 or

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