Top Requested Real Estate Marketing Features in One

Top Requested Real Estate Marketing Features in One

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Real Estate Marketing Features

Do you know what the number one tool is that real estate agents say they need? Surprise surprise: it's contact management, closely followed by email automation and lead tracking. This data comes from Real Estate CRM Software Buyer View 2014. According to Software Advice, a real estate CRM software evaluation company, real estate agents seeking these tools also highly preferred using an integrated marketing solution instead of separate solutions for each aspect.

Some of the most commonly cited issues are a lack of efficiency and organization, the need for easier to use software, and the difficulty of maintaining ongoing communication with many different contacts. Sound familiar? Many real estate agencies are small businesses and they need solutions that meet their unique needs.

All-in-One Easy to Use Solution

Imagine a solution that allows you to communicate with clients and leads through multiple communication methods: email, text messaging, voicemail, fax, social media, online surveys, live chat and more.

In addition to being able to manage all your communication and marketing messages from a single solution, this solution also offers powerful lead nurturing and contact management. The solution automatically sends messages personally targeted to each of your contacts and leads to keep them engaged.

The solution is simple to use and affordable for small businesses. It works based on a drag-and-drop interface, so even if you're not familiar with technology you will find it very user-friendly.

Does such a solution actually exist yet on the market? You bet it does! SimplyCast 360 is a Customer Flow Communication solution specifically tailored to the real estate industry. It includes all of the above features and many more.

Manage Your Leads Effectively

With the powerful integrated Contact Manager, it is simple to manage all your contacts and leads. Create customizable sales pipelines so you always know which leads are hot and where they are in the buying process. Leads are scored automatically based on their history, actions and relevant data. You can also score leads manually and add additional information.

The Contact Manager is free to use. We want all small businesses to have access to the tools they need to succeed. Pricing for SimplyCast 360 is based on your own unique needs.

Being able to nurture each lead individually makes the marketing and sales process much easier. Whether you have already had ongoing contact with a client or you are reaching out for the first time to an online website lead, the process is easily customized.

Communication is automatically targeted, enabling you to build strong connections with more contacts than you ever thought possible. Keep your clients and leads engaged, manage your social media pages automatically, easily plan and manage events and much more.

Sign up for a free trial of SimplyCast 360 to see what it can do for your real estate agency. We love to hear your questions and feedback!

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