Voice Blasts: 7 Tips to Effectively Mass Call

Voice Blasts: 7 Tips to Effectively Mass Call

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Voice Blasts: 7 Tips To Effectively Mass Call

A voice blast is able to deliver an automated message to the phones of subscribed industry professionals; lists of contacts within your business; or whoever you want the primary audience of your voice blast campaign to be. They are also a great way to deliver shorter bits of information accessibly to your desired audience – when developed and launched effectively.

We have come up with seven tips to keep in mind in order to provide your customers and contacts with the best possible voice blasts.

1. Respect your audience

This is a re-occurring theme when speaking about automated voice marketing and communication. Your audience’s respect is something that cannot be underestimated or over-looked. They are your business and they pay you the “big bucks” so to speak. Their respect is earned or lost within the first few contact touches, which could potentially be your voice blast.

2. Define the goal of your voice blast campaign early

When you have the main goal of your voice campaign established early on, it becomes much easier to continue developing the other aspects of your voice message. This way, all aspects can work together to accomplish this goal. Important aspects to consider are things like the contacts that will receive the mass call, what content the message will deliver, etc.

3. Keep the voice message brief and concise

You don’t want to confuse your contacts with industry-specific jargon that they will have trouble comprehending. Make sure that the overall goal and message itself is clear with the information provided and that your time (and the time of your contacts) is not wasted delivering less than necessary information.

4. Make important information clear

This relates to brevity of your voice blast, but more specifically you want to ensure that information regarding the main goal of your message is coming across most prominently to your audience. Any secondary information that is included in your campaign should still but stated concisely, but shouldn’t overshadow your main message to audience members.

5. Consider including a call-to-action

Including a specific call-to-action with your voice blast, such as requesting your contacts go to your website and complete a form, fill out a survey, or reach out to a different department, is an excellent way to entice interactions from your audience. It also makes your voice blast appear more personalized, since you are asking for content or input from the recipient. All the most effective voice blasts delivered by renowned companies include a clear and specific CTA (this is also a great time to mention our call to action to encourage you to reach out to us to request a demo of our voice blast software and let us know of any specific use cases that we can assist you with for any issues your business might be experiencing and let us walk you through some different approaches to your situation).

6. Be informative, but don’t overwhelm the contact

A large majority of recipients of voice blasts immediately write them off as negative or spammy, so make certain that the information they are hearing is necessary to your goal for the campaign and provides value to your recipients. Automated voice messaging sometimes gets a bad rap in the world of marketing, however hearing a human voice can be much more personable than an email newsletter.

Lastly, don’t develop tunnel vision by focusing on sales alone, but rather ensure you’re providing value and focusing on building relationships with your audience by allowing them to engage easily. The information being delivered should be information that your audience should want to hear.

7. Provide necessary means to keep the conversation going

As surprising as it may be, companies often overlook or forget to include contact information in your voice blast where the audience can reach out to them directly for more information if they desire. Make sure that this information is easily accessible so the opportunity for them to contact you further is not lost.

All tips and items covered in this list mostly relate to common sense and the golden rule we learned many years ago:“Do unto others as you would want done unto you.” You don’t want be spammed with calls from the moment your business opens until the moment you close, so don’t force that on other people. Overall, respect your audience they way they deserve to be respected, since they are your business, and you want to build and maintain strong, long-term relationships with them.

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