We Need an Alternative to Evite for RSVPs and Event Management

We Need an Alternative to Evite for RSVPs and Event Management

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Alternative to Evite

Customer question: We are a nonprofit agency, and we have been using Evite to manage invitations and RSVPs for the events we hold. We have, however, found that Evite's services are not enough for the type of comprehensive event management that we require. We are seeking an alternative to Evite that still provides a great tool to help manage invitations and RSVPs, like Evite, but that also offers a more complete event management solution. Can you tell us about your event management service?

SimplyCast offers an alternative event management solution that provides full management for your guest invitations and RSVPs, similar to Evite. We also have event management tools that you can use to increase your guest attendance, create a handy landing page with all the important information that your guests need, create and distribute tickets, manage your guest contact information, send reminders and more.

In case you require more alternative ways to reach your guests, or you want to spread your message much wider, we also offer a range of other marketing and communication tools, including email marketing, text message marketing, online surveys and many more. Whereas Evite is specifically for invitations, SimplyCast has marketing tools for almost every occasion and need.

Invitation Creation: You don't need any special skills to make an invitation with our event tool. Even if you're accustomed to using the Evite alternative to create invitations, it only takes a moment to find your way around the SimplyCast application. Just pick the text and images you want and pick a list to send to.

Ticket Creation: Some events require guests to have tickets. You can create different types of tickets with our event tool. You can select whether you want to require payment or not, and we offer several alternative payment methods for guests. You can also specify if you want guests to print tickets out or use them online through email.

Landing Page Creation: During the event creation process, you will be able to create a landing page that tells your guests all the important information that they need to know. We offer landing page templates to assist you in creating a professional landing page that will engage your guests.

Contact management: Of course you will be looking for a great contact management solution in any alternative to Evite you choose. We provide free contact management for all our customers so every guest who RSVPs will have a personal profile. You can also easily create many different lists so that you can send to some lists and not others.

Event Reminders: You don't want your guests to forget about the time or date of your event, so we, similar to Evite, make it easy to send email or text message reminders to your guests as the event approaches.

Social Media Integration: Using SimplyCast's tools, you can share your event on your social media pages to increase the number of guests who attend and draw public attention to your important event.

Sign up Forms: We provide integrated signup forms so that you can learn more about your guests. Any contact information entered into the forms is automatically stored so you can use it later for invitations or alternative purposes.

Event Reports: After you send invitations, you can see which guests opened, click links and replied.

Looking for an alternative to Evite? Contact us and  Sign up for a free SimplyCast account and try our event management service today.

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