Website Tracking Software: The Tool Your Business Needs

Website Tracking Software: The Tool Your Business Needs

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why your business needs website tracking software

If your business is lucky, your website may see hundreds, if not thousands, of hits every day. And sure, you may be attracting visitors to your site but how do you know what it is exactly that’s drawing them there? Each of these visitors is on your website with a different purpose and that purpose is what’s driving their navigation around your site.

Do you have a way to collect data regarding your web traffic that can help you determine what areas of your site are the most popular and any that may need some improvement? Do you have a tool that can gather and store information regarding each individual visitor to your website and their browsing habits?

If your answer is no, then I’m afraid you are missing out on a gold mine of valuable data that you can use to improve not only your business’s website, but your business as a whole. Businesses that take advantage of website tracking software are using their website traffic data to optimize their web pages and enhance the visitor experience so that conversions are more likely and quicker to occur.

What is website tracking software?

Website tracking software allows users to convert URLs on their webpages into links that can be tracked by the software, pulling data about the visitors who engage with these links and storing it for analysis by the user. Users are also able to create and embed tracking pixels into the code of their website that will activate as soon as a visitor opens a page. These links and pixels are able to collect information about the time visitors spend on a page, what browsers visitors use to access the page, as well as the overall daily engagements the trackers receive. All this information is stored in the software’s reporting engine and ready for you whenever you wish to analyze the data.

What’s more, website tracking software can build and store unique profiles for each visitor based around their IP address – from what pages they’ve accessed to how many times they interact with a page. It is important to note, however, that these visitor profiles remain anonymous (each visitor is only known by their IP address) up until the point that the visitor makes themselves known to you – either by submitting a signup form or performing some other conversion event where they have to provide your business with their contact information.

Once visitors have revealed themselves, so to speak, the information gathered by the website tracking software can then merge the anonymous data it has gathered into an integrated contact relationship manager (CRM) so that users can analyze all previous actions the contact has taken before they provided you with their contact information.

What else can I do with website tracking software?

In case you aren’t already sold on how implementing website tracking software can be of great benefit to your business, what if I told you can also use the software to update visitor profiles with additional information such as tags and scores to reflect their engagement with your website and your products?

When generating tracking links and pixels you are also able to associate other values with their profile, such as tags or scores so that you are better able to analyze the visitor’s actions on your site. Tags are great to use if you wish to segment your contacts into lists for sending messages to them based on the information they accessed on your site or an action they’ve taken. You can use scores to add numerical values to profiles to gauge interest in a product or service and to help your Sales Team determine which contacts to reach out and who may be ready to buy.

Are you convinced yet?

If you are looking for website tracking software to take advantage of all the information your website visitors can provide, look no further than SimplyCast’s Sonar application. Sonar allows users to create tracking links and pixels that can be used in messages and embedded in the code of your website so that you can collect data from every visitor who interacts with them and store in in an easy-to-use format in the application.

SimplyCast’s Sonar is a FREE application that is available for use when you purchase a SimplyCast subscription. You can also try it out when you sign up for a free 14-day trial of the platform by clicking the button below!

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