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Websites are designed to inform and educate visitors about your business. But how do you learn if your web contents are producing enough engagement? Have you ever wondered who is visiting your site? Do you wish you could build a customer profile to better follow up on a lead? With Sonar from SimplyCast, you can answer both of these questions.


SimplyCast’s Sonar Web Tracker monitors visitors’ activities on your web property. It is an extremely versatile tool that works both on its own and in tandem with our other applications to deliver powerful insights that can assist you with lead tracking, website optimization, and data collection. Sonar can even capture engagement from anonymous leads, providing you with accurate online interaction insights.


It is super easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use our software.


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Complete Solution

Comprehensive Web Tracking Software

Visitor tracking Gain insight into anonymous website visitors and how they interact with your site. Analyzing your Sonar reports will show you where anonymous leads are going on your site. This enables you to build a personal profile of each lead based on their unique IP address and browser identity before they sign up or provide their contact information.
Website optimization View a snapshot of website hits, clicks over time, and your top links in real time. From the Sonar dashboard, learn which parts of your website are most popular and most effective. Analyzing this information helps you optimize your website, landing pages, and social media pages to make them more engaging.
Personal profiling Build full profiles for each contact using data collection forms and behavioral tracking. All contact data, activity, and history is automatically collected and stored in personal profiles. Gathering detailed information helps you create personally targeted campaigns for each lead, which increases effectiveness and enables you to build a stronger personal connection.
Lead scoring Automatically tag and score contacts based on which site categories they visited. Identify qualified leads by tracking which pages they visit and which actions they take. Lead interaction and activity is automatically collected, saving you time and providing you with personalized details so you can build better campaigns.
Easy setup Our link tracking tool is very easy to set up and you can have your tracking links added to email and social media sites in no time. All you need is the URL you want to track. Add it to our database and a unique tracking link is generated on the spot. You can also customize your tracking link and edit it at any time. The link tracking tool is a marketing app that can see instant results as all the clicks are reported in real-time.
Behavioral tracking Track exactly what each contact does using behavioral tracking - whether it is clicking on a link, opening an email, downloading a file, and then tag each accordingly. SimplyCast's CRM allows you to use behavior tracking on a contact-by-contact basis in order to know automatically what each client's interests and needs are.
Short URL The great thing about link tracking is that it automatically creates a short URL that you can use anywhere. Link tracking with short URL is great for saving space and it also makes it possible to track. Short URLs or links are great for masking links that you don't want users to see, such as affiliate marketing links or special promotion links that could be abused in the wrong hands.
Comprehensive tracking report Sonar tells you where people are coming from and who is clicking on your links. Track total clicks and unique clicks. Also get details such as what time the link was clicked, the IP address of the person clicking, the referral address, the web browser used and more. Each is displayed in an easy-to-read spreadsheet layout. Use filters to narrow down dates and view daily reports for each link.
Anonymous visitor tracking Engage prospects even if they don't provide you with contact information. As long as they visited a page on your site or a landing page, you can track a specific link or cookie. Then if that person comes back again, you can reengage with a pop-up message, form or something else to try and collect user data.

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