What is CRM Software and How Can You Use It?

What is CRM Software and How Can You Use It?

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What is CRM Software

Wondering "What is CRM software" but afraid to ask?

There has been an explosion of discussion in the past few years around CRM software and how it can help businesses of any size. Unfortunately, when some people hear "CRM", a big question mark appears over their head. This leaves them with one less tool to improve their business, putting them at a disadvantage.

If you fall into that category, don't worry, we're going to lay it all out.

What is a CRM?

Let's start with the basics: what is a CRM?

Well, CRM is an acronym for customer relationship manager, and CRM software is a digital program. Essentially, CRMs are databases you can use to store customer data and virtually anything based on the software and their configuration. It is for this reason that they can be universally used by any organization to better track their contact's needs, information, and interactions. Whether you are looking for sales leads or connecting with existing clients on their upcoming needs, a CRM is a powerful tool to have.

What can CRMs store?

CRMs can store any data you program them to save. They can keep data on everything from a person's name, address, and phone number to their last purchase, the last interaction with your organization, and even how engaged they are with your messaging.

All of this information can be fed into the CRM in multiple ways. It can be done automatically through forms, automation, or integrations with other applications like your organization's inventory manager. You can manually enter the data or upload client lists too, but one of the key benefits to having a CRM is the automatic data compiling aspect so you build a library of information on customers without putting in every new piece of information yourself.

How can I use the data?

There are countless ways you can use the data in CRM from basic day-to-day tasks to year-round campaigns. If your CRM is connected to your email marketing platform, you could use merge tags to automatically populate fields such as a person's name in your next campaign for a personalized touch. You can even use it for SMS marketing campaigns too!

If you are tracking yearly contracts, you could pull information from your CRM into an automation platform to create a campaign that reminders customers their contract will expire soon. You can do the same to appointments at your office or clinic so you're never stuck waiting for a client again.

Trying to figure out which potential are the most engaged with your emails? You can record who is opening and clicking your messages so your CRM can score which leads could have the potential for closing the fastest. You'll even know what programs they're interested in to get the conversation off on the right foot.

Interested in joining the CRM craze?

You're in luck: we offer a CRM application as part of over 20+ communication tools, making it easier than ever to turn your customer data into sales, leads, and more! Book a demo now and get started today.

Have a few questions? Call our Sales team at +1-866-323-6572 ext. 1 or email sales@simplycast.com and we'd be happy to answer them for you.

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