What’s Missing from your Tourism Marketing Strategy?

What’s Missing from your Tourism Marketing Strategy?

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Tourism Marketing Strategy

So, you've got a lot of different pamphlets, an engaging website, even a newsletter! So, what could possibly be missing from your tourism marketing strategy?

Nowadays you'd be missing a large audience if you had an online presence but not a social media presence. 74 percent of all internet users use social media to connect and communicate. Your tourism marketing strategy is definitely missing something if you are not engaging with this massive audience.

How can you access this audience?

The first step is to create Facebook and Twitter profiles for your organization. There are other social media sites as well, but these are the most popular two sites. Plus, they allow for direct conversation.

Social media has a lot of influence when it comes to travel plans. Of those that used social media to research their travel plans, only 48 percent followed through with their original plans. Over half of social media users who travel will change their plans based on social media. That is a huge percentage. This is why you need to be an active presence on these sites: to make sure travelers are changing to your destination.

How can you use social media to convince travelers?

1) Provide resources

Travelers are turning to social media for information. If you are able to provide this information you will increase the odds that your destination is selected because you will be viewed as an expert. Share travel tips and guides to make your social media profile the go-to place for all travel information.

2) Have pictures

Posts with pictures generate more interest. A tweet with a photo attached is likely to generate 35 percent more retweets than a tweet without a photo. Travelers want to see the destination before they go. Accommodate this demand by providing your potential travelers with photos on your social media pages.

3) Make it fun

Social media is supposed to be a fun and engaging place. Make sure your profiles are light-hearted and reflect your destination. Post funny antidotes about the area, share facts, or try hosting a social media contest. By hosting a contest, you gain more followers and people will continue to come to your page to check the status of the contest. Plus, winning a contest would be an added incentive to visit your area.

For example, you could ask weekly trivia questions about your area. The first person to get it right is entered into a draw for a meal at a local restaurant, or a pass to a museum in your area. People will keep coming back to answer your questions and see who won.

Do it all easily

Keeping up a strong social media presence may seem like a difficult task while you are still trying to balance the rest of your tourism marketing strategy. However, there are applications that can help make this process a lot easier.

Try our Facebook app to help you with your social media strategy. With our app you can write your posts in advance and schedule them to post over time. This provides you with a strong social media presence that does not need constant maintenance.

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