Where Can I Find a Better Alternative to Constant Contact?

Where Can I Find a Better Alternative to Constant Contact?

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Alternative to Constant Contact?

SimplyCast, like Constant Contact, offers an email marketing solution with a range of email services. Sometimes, especially as the younger generation leans away from email in favor of the 140 characters or less style of update, you need to do more. SimplyCast understands how to do more. With services ranging from landing pages and email to social media and SMS campaigns, a constantly maintained blog with tips specific to your industry, and a 24-hour support team always willing to do everything they can to help, SimplyCast wants to cover all the bases for you. We also listen to and implement customer suggestions about what would benefit their industry!

Imagine if, in an alternative application, you could still customize your email campaigns, keep track of the opens and link clicks, and use a plethora of features such as templates and other useful inserts. You can also launch and monitor automated social media campaigns, voice message campaigns and text message campaigns to connect with more people.

Imagine using a single application to do everything from reminding people of appointments to promoting a new product or service. It's possible, it's here, and it's constantly being updated and expanded by a dedicated team that offers personal account managers and reaches out through email, voice, SMS and more. You can even build surveys that will help you track public opinion on your advertising, and track analytics on all of those things. It's called SimplyCast 360, an alternative solution to Constant Contact. With an easy to use drag-and-drop user interface, it will change the way you do marketing!

SimplyCast focuses on improving customer communication over all channels in one easy to use, clean app. Best of all is that at the end of the month, there's only one bill. Using SimplyCast means using a growing, dedicated application that automates and improves on every aspect of communication. SimplyCast offers competitive pricing and many different channels of communication. Can't go wrong with getting fifteen products for the price of one, can you?

Once you get a feel for your customers' opinions, you want to start targeting your campaigns for better success, right? No problem. It's all in the settings for our campaigns, and in most cases, customer communication can be automated almost totally. You just need to punch in the details for the body of the email, SMS, or other messages once, and it will send out to everyone who you specify. Messages can even be customized for each individual client! How long does it take you to do that manually without an impossibly huge manpower base to cater directly to your clients?

Just like Constant Contact, we allow for customized templates, surveys, promotions, announcements and more. One of the big things about SimplyCast's Email channel is that all those features are right there in the same app, allowing you to build a comprehensive email for any type of campaign. This way, a single campaign can have multiple purposes and perform multiple duties, such as building a landing page, offering updates, and changing your message for different customer demographics and more.

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