White Label Social Media Management Software: 3 Benefits

White Label Social Media Management Software: 3 Benefits

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White Label Social Media Management Software

Reselling a white-labeled product can provide many benefits to both the reseller and their clients. It is one of those rare situations where everybody wins. Marketing automation is a hot ticket item for many hopeful resellers, but there are also more opportunities in other areas of business. For example, have you ever considered reselling white label social media management software?

Social media as a communication method is growing in popularity more and more every day. New apps geared toward connecting users continue to be developed, each with their own new spin on the communication process. However, a few of the original social media applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, remain ahead of the pack in terms of popularity, with many businesses choosing to focus their marketing and engagement efforts on these mediums. Which makes sense, as Twitter continues to maintain about 330 million active monthly users, and Facebook, a whopping 2.19 billion monthly users.

Ergo, with social media communication showing no indication of ever slowing down, why wouldn't you or your organization consider reselling software that can aid in the management of these applications? If you aren't convinced, here are three more reasons why you should consider reselling white label social media management software.

Add a new revenue stream

Perhaps one of the most enticing benefits of reselling social media management software in the eyes of many organizations is the potential to make a profit. When you choose to white label software, you can keep all the recurring revenue obtained from the users of the software. So, whether you charge an annual or monthly usage fee, you can gain new revenue by reselling the white label social media management software.

Also, you are able to charge whatever you like to your clients for the software instead of having to keep with the prices set by the company providing the software you are reselling. This means there is no telling how much revenue you are able to collect!

Save costs of development

On the other hand, while reselling social media management software can make you money, it can also save you money as well. Imagine the costs that would be incurred if your organization decided to take it upon yourselves to custom-develop your own software. Not only would you invest countless dollars into the development process, your end-product could very well be out of date the moment it is ready for market.

Software is constantly being improved and upgraded, so chances are that while you are coming up with your social media management platform, the competition is continuing to release updates to their own. Reselling a white label social media management platform enables your organization to keep pace with the competition without expending the time, resources, and funds to develop a custom product. You can simply take a well-established product already on the market and resell it using your own branding. Which leads us to the final benefit of reselling this type of software.

Increase clients' brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is important. You want your organization to be the only place your clients look whenever they need a new product or service. This means you must be able to maintain and expand your repertoire as needed to ensure your clients' needs continue to be met by your organization. The more you can offer them, the less client churn you will have and by creating a one-stop shop for your clients, you are able to keep them appeased and loyal to your brand.

However, to maintain this trust your clients have in you, you need to be sure you are offering quality products to them. If you consistently offer your clients half-baked, poorly-developed tools, it won't matter how big your selection is – your clients will inevitably start looking elsewhere to satisfy their needs. Reselling quality products under your own brand will help establish and maintain this loyalty.

Are you looking to white label social media management software?

Now that you've heard some of the benefits of white labeling and reselling social media management software, might we suggest our own as an option?

SimplyCast offers proven, automated Facebook management tools that can be used to schedule and post to these applications in an organic and efficient fashion. Easily create and schedule your social media posts weeks or months in advance and let the software do the rest. Contact us today at reseller@simplycast.com for more information!

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