Why Are My Emails Going to the Junk Folder?

Why Are My Emails Going to the Junk Folder?

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We've recently covered why emails fail but what about the emails that go through and end up in the junk folder? Typically, mail servers deliver emails to junk folders when they have evaluated an email and assessed that it may be spam.

To avoid having your emails delivered to your recipient's spam filters, follow these steps:

Use a 60/40 split with text and images

You always, always want to have more text in an email than images. If you're sending an email with one image, which contains text, consider typing the text out and including the image below. Spam filters see image-heavy emails as spam.

Double check your subject line

Your subject line needs to match the content of the email message. If the subject line does not match, your email can be picked up by spam. To help optimize your subject line, follow the tips in this article.

Set up email authentication

When you're sending an email from a platform like SimplyCast, it helps improve your delivery rate if you set up email authentication to prove that SimplyCast is an authorized email sender for you. To set up this authentication, follow these steps.

Use a known sender address

Generic email addresses that use info@, sales@, mail@, etc. are not ideal for email sending. Using these types of email addresses increases the likelihood that your email will be picked up by spam filters. Instead, use a known email address from a person like johnsmith@, justin.case@, etc.

Opt-in your recipients

One of the simplest reasons why emails are delivered to the junk folder is that the recipient has not opted in for your emails. It is important that you only send to users that have opted in for your communications in order to stay legally compliant and ensure your emails are not picked up by spam filters.

Do you have any questions about email delivery and deliverability? Let us know in the comments below!

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