Why Use Automated Appointment Reminders at Your Salon

Why Use Automated Appointment Reminders at Your Salon

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 Automated Salon Appointment Reminders

Many estheticians are not simply estheticians. They may also take on the role of secretary and cashier – booking appointments, phoning clients with reminders, and accepting payments for services rendered.

All of these extra tasks take time away from actually serving clients. Manually booking appointments and calling clients to remind them about their appointments can be quite time-consuming and inefficient. Introducing automation into the salon booking and reminder process can be a great help to salons and their staff.

An automated appointment reminder solution can provide a lot of benefits to salons, helping ensure that clients can easily book their next appointment and be reminded of it beforehand without extra work having to be put in by salon staff. Here are just three of the benefits to using an automated appointment reminders solution for your salon.

1. Save Time

Throughout the run of the day, estheticians deal with many clients. Clients are calling in to book appointments, and other clients are coming in for their appointments while those who have just finished are making their payments. As you can see, this can make estheticians’ jobs very difficult, trying to keep track of each of their clients and their needs while also finding time to send reminder calls to their clients with appointments in the upcoming days.

An automated appointment booking and reminder solution can reduce the number of manual tasks that estheticians need to perform every day by assisting with the booking of appointments and the sending of reminders to clients. Without the need to worry about these tasks, this will save estheticians more time they can now spend on performing their services.

2. Personalize Communications

Automating your salon’s booking and reminder process doesn’t mean you have to lose that personal connection with your clients. The automated appointment reminder solution stores clients’ contact information in an online database, where it can then be used to personalize the confirmation and reminder messages automatically without you having to put in any additional work, including clients’ names and other relevant information in the messages. This personal touch will go a long way to increasing brand loyalty and repeat visitors to your salon.

3. Analyze Reports

With a manual appointment booking and reminder process, there is a limited amount of interaction data captured with your clients, other than any written or typed out records that you create manually or transaction receipts. This data, although useful for maintaining a record of your bottom line, won’t do you any good when trying to determine how effective your solution is at engaging your salon clients.

An automated appointment reminder solution will generate reports automatically once it sends out the appointment confirmation and reminder messages, which you are able to easily review to determine how your messages are being interacted with by their recipients and whether they are doing their job ensuring no one forgets about their upcoming appointment. These reports can provide you with valuable information such as the messages’ open rates, click-through rates, as well as any responses that may have been received by the solution.

Interested in an automated appointment reminder solution?

These are only a few of the many benefits that an automated appointment reminders solution can provide to your salon.

There’s no need to worry about where you can find such as solution, because SimplyCast has already developed a solution using its contact management and automation tools, that can be used by any salon who is looking to make their appointment booking and reminders process more efficient. Rather than integrating multiple different tools to create an automated solution, SimplyCast includes everything salons need in a single platform.

Would you like to learn more? Click the button below to request a demo from our knowledgeable team to see how your salon can leverage automation!

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