Why Banks Should Use a Client Onboarding Solution

Why Banks Should Use a Client Onboarding Solution

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Why Banks Should Use A Client Onboarding Solution

Imagine when banks used to conduct businesses without any electronic or digital technology. All paper and no spreadsheets surely made banking professionals’ lives difficult. So, when they had digital technology, they leveraged it and, as a result, we are experiencing the digital era of banking today: seamless, secure, and fast.

The same goes with automation technology in other banking operations, especially in marketing, communications, and digital engagement. By deploying automation technology, banks can easily boost their digital engagement activities to boost customer experience and build brand loyalty. Moreover, using automation in banking engagement increases efficiency and reduces human intervention in many processes that usually consume a significant amount of time.

One of the major areas of digital banking engagement, new customer onboarding process, is an important example.  In this blog, we explained how an automated new client onboarding process can amplify any bank’s customer acquisition, engagement, nurturing, and retention process, which in turn, drives growth. Usually, building this process requires tons of technical labor and skills and, most importantly, it needs time. Therefore, it is easier for banks to use a new client onboarding solution that is already in a ready-to-go state.

SimplyCast provides banks with a comprehensive new client onboarding solution. It is already built by using in-house marketing automation platform, email marketing, SMS marketing, voice broadcasting, digital form builder, and CRM software. All you need to do is customize it based on your customer acquisition, engagement, and nurturing processes and you are good to go.

Top 6 Reasons to Use SimplyCast’s Solution

You must be wondering: why this person is talking about reasons to use SimplyCast’s solution when he already explained it? Well, certainly, SimplyCast’s new bank client onboarding solution provides value that should be leveraged by banks if they want to drive customer growth at scale. However, we also know that organizations need more assurance when they choose a solution of this scale and importance.

This is why we have a few more reasons why you should consider SimplyCast’s automated new client onboarding solution for banks. Let’s see our top six factors that will help you make your decision easier.

Reason #1 Enterprise-Grade Security

We also understand that your customers’ information is sensitive, and you need to protect their privacy at any cost. You can trust our platform because SimplyCast is ISO 27001:2013 certified with data centers in the USA and Canada. All your client details are stored in our secured servers.

Reason #2 Nearly Unlimited Capacity

In terms of scalability, SimplyCast is always leading the race. You can send 100,000+ messages in an hour. These messages can be email, SMS, fax, and voice broadcast. You can also build nearly unlimited campaigns. If needed, we can always get more gateways and servers to meet your business requirement.

Reason #3 Reliability

We always make sure that our service is always ready for our users. SimplyCast boasts a minimum of 99.5% uptime, which means you can access and use our platform 24/7. We frequently run scheduled maintenance and check-up to find potential issues that might cause service disruption and fix those in advance. We ensure a frictionless service for you because your satisfaction is our key to growth.

Reason #4 User-Friendliness

Our platform is a no code/low code platform with drag-and-drop functionality. This means you do not need any technical skills to operate the entire solution. Our user interface is clean, simple, and intuitive, which means you can hit the ground running with our solution.

Reason #5 Personalized Onboarding & Training

Once you decide to join us, our experts will provide you with super-personalized onboarding and training. We want you to take full leverage of our platform and its potential to drive business growth. We also provide campaign consultation services. If you need help with any campaign or need further information, our team of dedicated account managers are always ready to help you out.

Reason #6 Most Affordable Pricing

Finally, the last piece of puzzle: pricing. Given the comprehensiveness and the potential cost of using multiple platforms to build an automated client onboarding solution, SimplyCast is quite affordable. In addition to the regular subscription fee, you are charged only for what you use. Our usage fee is the lowest in the industry. We provide you with premium service at the most affordable pricing possible. And, we are not certainly an organization that will break the bank!

So, here are our top six reasons to choose SimplyCast’s automated client onboarding solution. There are many other factors that will certainly help you choose the right platform. For instance, you can also use this platform for many purposes other than client onboarding!

If you are interested and want to learn more about our new client onboarding solution, and our platform, our experts are just a few click away!

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