Why Implement an Automated AGM Management Solution

Why Implement an Automated AGM Management Solution

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Automated AGM Management Solution, Implement

Once a year, all the shareholders, board members, and other stakeholders of a company come together to participate in an annual general meeting, during which everyone is brought up to date on the goings on of the company over the past year, including any major projects as well as an update on the company’s financials.

Typically, AGMs are held in large conference rooms so that all participants can meet in person, however with COVID-19 still being a looming presence limiting the size of gatherings, companies are having to come up with different strategies for managing their AGMs – such as taking their AGM online. While there is a lot of AGM technology out there to help facilitate online AGMs, much of this technology relies heavily on internet availability.

This is where an automated AGM management solution comes in handy. An automated AGM management solution can be of great benefit to companies and their shareholders, regardless of where they are or what their internet status is. Here are three more benefits of implementing a digital AGM management solution.

1. Increased Efficiency

Giving notice to stakeholders regarding a company’s annual general meeting usually involved sending an email with links to the appropriate documents, as well as the time and place of the meeting. With a digital AGM management solution, the entire planning and registration process can be simplified and made more efficient!

An automated solution will provide a simple way for shareholders and other key participants to register for the event through an online form and store these submissions in a centralized database. Then, once registrations have been received, the solution automates the sending of the initial AGM invitation, as well as any meeting reminders that need to be sent to the participants beforehand. This mass notification will also include details about how to connect to the conference call and can also include an agenda. Automating these notifications significantly increases the overall efficiency of the AGM management process.

2. Secure Meeting Management

In a digital AGM solution, all stakeholder data is stored in a centralized and secure online platform and all message transmission is encrypted. The meeting itself can be secured by setting up a PIN. Participants who dial in must enter the PIN to join the meeting.

The teleconference management interface also provides AGM managers with the ability to see the names and information of who is on the call. If there is an unknown participant on the call, the manager is able to ask them to identify themselves and remove them from the call if needed.

3. Detailed Reporting

In a manual AGM management solution, it can be difficult to know just how effective it is in ensuring all the right people are notified in advance of the AGM and are able to participate. It is important that you know whether your invitations need to be optimized at all to achieve higher open rates and engagement.

An automated AGM management solution provides you with auto-generated reports for all of the messages it sends automatically, so you can analyze the reports to determine how your messages are being received. The reports provide you with key information such as the messages’ open rates, click-through rates, as well as any unsubscribes that may have occurred. Reports are also generated after the AGM meeting, which include information regarding who was on the call and any recordings that may have been created.

Looking to implement an automated AGM management solution?

Automation can go a long way to making your AGM management process more effective. However, you may be wondering how much work is involved with organizing and holding a virtual annual general meeting and what kind of tools you may need to purchase to help make it happen.

SimplyCast has built an automated AGM management solution that allows you to streamline your current process and move toward being able to host your next AGM online, helping to maintain your shareholder relationships and keep them up to date on what’s going on in your company.

Would you like to learn more? Click the button below to request a demo from our knowledgeable team to see how your business can leverage digital AGM management today!

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