Why Use Landing Pages in Your Marketing Campaign?

Why Use Landing Pages in Your Marketing Campaign?

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Why Use Landing Pages in Your Marketing Campaign?

A landing page can be the first impression your business makes to a prospective client and thus should draw the client in with helpful suggestions and directions. A landing page tool can allow users to easily create and design landing pages that can be used as a means of providing information or gathering signups for the system. Falling behind in the customer communications and engagement sector could be your company’s biggest downfall and this is where landing pages can be useful.

What are some helpful landing page builder features?

  • With a landing page builder, you are able to embed signup forms to your page.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality can help to customize your pages.
  • An A/B split test feature can be used to determine whether one version of a landing page is more successful than the other and set the winning page as the final version of the landing page.

How are landing pages beneficial in marketing?

Finding new clients can certainly be a challenge. Landing pages are one way to help provide the general public with a means to receive communications from you. They are a great addition to any marketing campaign, helping to boost traffic by making transactions as seamless as possible.

A basic landing page form can provide email/SMS signup for notifications, as well as provide leads into a company by showing what it is they provide. For example, a company’s landing page may display “top products” to catch the readers’ eyes and then give them easy links/forms to the parent site. We recommend keeping the color scheme and language choice similar to the theme of the parent site to maintain consistency and to not scare off any potential clients. As well, to make transactions from a landing page as seamless as possible, SimplyCast’s landing page tool offers a quick and easy PayPal option that can be added to pages to make payment hassle-free.

Get ahead of your competition by increasing traffic and interaction to your website. An effective feature of some landing page builders is the drag-and-drop functionality, where any desired element can be added, edited, and implemented into your landing page easily. Often these different elements can be contact forms, links to a parent site, or other embedded forms that are tailored to your vision for the landing page.

Why is SimplyCast’s landing page builder the right choice for your marketing campaign?

Landing pages can help drive traffic to your website and reports can help you analyze data so you can create the most effective page for your site. A landing page builder like SimplyCast’s allows you to customize your landing pages to get the perfect message across to your viewers and further increase traffic with drag-and-drop features.

Use SimplyCast’s A/B split test feature to determine the page that works the best for your site. An A/B split test compares two or more landing pages you’ve created and tracks the progress and conversions of both. It analyzes the interactions of all pages and will determine the most successful as the winning page. This way you can be sure your landing page is the most effective it can be. Check out our The Complete Guide to Creating High Converting Landing Pages blog or browse our other blogs to see what landing pages can offer your marketing campaign.

Request a demo of our landing page builder by clicking the button below to find out why SimplyCast’s landing page tool is right for you!

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