Code Green: Hospital Evacuation Emergency

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A guide for using automation to manage hospital evacuations more efficiently.

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Hospitals' code green incidents require a quick response and an organized plan for handling evacuations. A lot of people have to be moved quickly while still ensuring that they are safe.

Hospitals need communicate the evacuation order to staff as quickly as possible once the code green goes into effect. Hospital management also needs to contact alternative hospitals to determine availability and find alternative setups as quickly as possible.


SimplyDigital Hospital offers the Code Green use case, a process which ensures all staff are made aware of an evacuation instantly. It is able to communicate proper steps to take for their safety and patients' safety. Using this solution, hospitals can launch alerts to all staff to ensure that the incident is resolved without panic.

The moment the decision team declares a code green, the use case can be deployed. Hospital evacuation automation helps hospital administrators to keep track of their staff and patients during these code green events. With a wide variety of emergency management tools, these life-threatening emergencies can be resolved quickly and safely.

Steps to Success

  1. Send alerts to all staff and emergency contacts using a premade templated message.
  2. Contact alternative hospitals in the area to determine availability.
  3. Ensure all necessary staff are made aware of the code green as soon as possible.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Reduce wasted time during an evacuation. Ensure that all staff are active right away.
Use case benefit
Alert everyone at once for communication efficiency. This includes notifying other nearby hospitals to ensure continued care for patients in critical care.
Use case benefit
Further expand your ability to respond to emergency codes with medical emergency use cases. These use cases include code white for dangerous persons, code black for bomb threats, and code purple for hostage situations.

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