Code White: Violent Person Emergency

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A guide to automating your response to a Code White situation to save time and streamline efforts.

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Hospitals' code white incidents require a quick response when there is a situation involving a violent patient. When hospital emergency codes are called, they require an immediate response.


SimplyDigital Hospital offers the Code White use case, a process that ensures hospital staff are made aware of the affected area. It supports fast communication that helps ensure they proper steps to take for their safety. Using this solution, hospitals can launch alerts to all staff to ensure that the incident is resolved without issue. 

Steps to Success

  1. Send alerts to all staff or a subset of available on-call staff based on need.
  2. Launch pre-defined emergency response plans to save time and protect staff and patients.
  3. Ensure all necessary personnel are made aware of a code white as soon as possible.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
When the code white incident is identified, active hospital staff can be alerted. If necessary on-call staff can also be recalled to the hospital or informed of the code.
Use case benefit
Code white responders will be instantly notified of the incident and be sent notifications that are specific to their roles.
Use case benefit
Once the code white has been resolved, any necessary follow up forms will be distributed to staff. Confirmation requests of patient reassessment can also be sent. Any appropriate charts can be updated to ensure no crucial step is missed.
Use case benefit
Further expand your ability to respond to emergency codes with medical emergency use cases. These use cases include code orange for external disasters, code red for fires, and code brown for hazardous material spills.

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