Code Red: Hospital Fire Emergency

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A guide to using automation to streamline the response to fires at hospitals.

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When a fire alarm is pulled, hospitals have to evacuate quickly. A fire is a situation that can make the best of us panic or forget important information. This means that hospitals' code red emergencies require a fast, organized response. Hospital staff need to determine the best course of action and take action efficiently.


SimplyDigital Hospital offers the Hospital Code Red use case, a process which uses automation to keep fire emergency responses organized and efficient. Automated code red alerts can help keep control and remind people of procedure at a hospital.

Hospital fire response automation is a key part of fire safety. Automation can be used as another layer on top of fire protection systems. Ensuring these emergencies can be communicated even when standard fire detection and fire alarm systems are limited.

Steps to Success

  1. Launch pre-defined emergency response plans.
  2. Send alerts to all staff members, notifying them of the emergency.
  3. Use reports to review statistics of emergency messages.

Best Outcome

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Communicate with staff and stakeholders as fast as possible.
Use case benefit
Perform quick, easy headcounts when hospitals need to evacuate to ensure patient safety.
Use case benefit
Use reporting data to learn and adapt your plans, ensuring continued efficacy.
Use case benefit
Further expand your ability to respond to emergency codes with medical emergency use cases. These use cases include code white for dangerous persons, code green for evacuations, and code black for bomb threats.

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