Can I fax an email? Faxing over the computer

Can I fax an email? Faxing over the computer

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If you have an important message that you wish to send from fax, you can easily send it online. We offer online fax software that makes it simple to create or upload a message and schedule it to be sent. You can learn how to fax an email in minutes with our simple fax editor.

Fax messaging is an effective way to reach out to customers or other businesses. An email may be missed or deleted in an inbox, yet a fax is a physical document so it is usually seen by at least one person in the office.

It is a best practice to not send fax messages after regular work hours or on the weekends. It is also a good idea to keep fax messages brief so your readers do not lose interest. You should include a call to action near the top of the fax message, the same as you would in an email message.

Email is great for sending messages to customers with mobile phones, but if your customers work in an office building, fax messages can be highly effective. Many restaurants, for example, use fax advertising to send menus to office buildings.

With email marketing, your message may appear different in different clients' email inboxes. With fax marketing, your fax message will appear exactly as you send it, which can be a benefit for fax marketing.

If you want more fax marketing or email marketing tips, you can check out our blog posts and articles about how to create engaging fax messages, fax best practices and more.

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