How can I copy projects with an online landing page creator?

How can I copy projects with an online landing page creator?

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SimplyCast provides a unique online landing page creator and is easy to access and use. One of the available features with SimplyCast’s landing page creator is the ability to copy landing page campaigns.

To copy a landing page campaign:

Once you have created new landing page projects in the SimplyCast Landing Page application, they appear in a list below the blue Create Project button on the main dashboard.

  • Click on the blue Copy Existing button that will appear next to the Create Project button at the top of the list once you have created a landing page project. A new column will appear in the list of projects to the left of the Project Name with blue Copy buttons.
  • Click the Copy button appearing next to the project you wish to copy.
  • Enter the name of your new landing page project in the black box appearing on the page and click Save in the bottom right corner, which will let you proceed to the landing page setup process.Or click the Dashboard button to return to the main Landing Page dashboard without copying a project.

You can view the report for any copied landing page project that has been created within the SimplyCast account.

To enter the main Landing Page Reporting page in the SimplyCast Reporting interface, navigate to the list of tabs on the left-hand side of the screen in the Landing Page dashboard. Click the Reports tab, which will take you to the Reporting page where all the information received for that particular project will be displayed.

Sort your landing pages by any table column by clicking on the name of the column in the Landing Page dashboard. Once clicked, your list of projects will reorder automatically. Detailed explanations and more can be found in the Landing Page User Guide.

Once you have created a landing page project and it is approved, you are able to publish it to the web, meaning users are able to access the page through the permalink you were provided upon completion of the setup. Landing pages are incredibly effective for digital marketing campaigns and can easily be copied, edited, or posted. Click the button below to access a request for a demo of the Landing Page application!

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