How do I build a landing page with email signup?

How do I build a landing page with email signup?

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Interacting and reaching new customers can be a struggle.

Why make it hard for yourself and the client? A landing page is the first impression to a prospective client and thus should draw the client in with helpful suggestions. SimplyCast's Landing Page tool allows users to create and design landing pages that can be used as a means of providing information or gathering signups for the system.

Landing pages are a way to provide the general public with a means to receive communications from you. With the Landing Page Builder, you can build landing pages with email sign up by embedding forms you have previously created in the Form Builder or create new ones specific to your page.

To add an email signup form to your landing page:

  • Click and drag a Form element into your landing page. Once you have the element on your page, you can configure its Element Settings in the black box on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • To configure the Form element, you have many options in the settings section that are broken down into three categories: Form, Column, and Row. Modify the settings in these sections as desired.

When setting up your email signup form, you have the option to determine whether you wish to embed an existing email signup form onto your landing page or create a brand new one. Select your preferred option from the dropdown menu that appears in the respective field in the settings section. Choosing an existing form option will generate the corresponding form onto the landing page whereas choosing the new form option will maintain the Form icon that currently appears on the page. In order to create your new form, double click on the Form icon on the landing page and this will cause a pop-up window to appear asking you whether you wish to proceed to the Form Editor. Click the blue OK button to confirm, or Cancel to close the window without entering the editor.

Use the drag-and-drop editor to customize the rest of your landing page; use the A/B split test feature to determine whether one landing page is more successful than the other; and then have the winner become the final version of your page.

Using a landing page with a built-in email signup can make it easy and fast to get in touch with contacts. An email signup puts less pressure on the client to purchase right away. Giving the client an in-depth lead into what they are searching for through email and an impressive first impression through landing page. Elements can be easily tailored to your vision for the page. Read the SimplyCast Landing Page User Guide to learn how to create your perfect landing page vision.

Custom domains are available and are an easy-to-use application to boost professionalism in your landing page.

SimplyCast takes the work out of marketing with our landing page generator. Request a demo today by clicking the button below and explore what SimplyCast has to offer.

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