How do I schedule Facebook updates for later?

How do I schedule Facebook updates for later?

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So you're interested in building a social media presence, and you're using SimplyCast 360 to do it. So now you need to know how to schedule Facebook updates to go out over time, instead of all at once. Well, that's exactly what this FAQ is going to help you to do. Once you've signed in and loaded the app, You should have the Facebook Campaign on the workspace, and once it's there click the icon in the upper right of the item. That will give you the option to Start the Setup Wizard. Once you're in, assuming you haven't already done anything with Facebook campaigning, here are some basic tips, and then we'll get into scheduling.

How to schedule Facebook updates:

  • Click the Manage accounts button when you first open the Setup Wizard.
  • If you don't have an account associated with the campaign already, you'll need to do that by clicking Add Account
  • Once that is done, you'll need to go to the lower right of your screen and click Next

This should take you to the Design page which will allow you to write posts. Once you've written a few, you'll want to know how to schedule them. If you look over to the right of the messages you've written, you'll see the Delay and Delay Units fields. The first is a text box, where you input a numerical value, and the second is a dropdown where you choose what that number represents. By changing this, for example the unit to days and the number to one on the first post, two on the second, you ensure that the posting will begin the day after you schedule it, and the second two days and so on, as many times as you need. Once everything is assigned, click next and if everything contains checkmarks, click Complete Project. Now you've scheduled Facebook updates for later.

Check back for more updates, and look for other uses for the Facebook Campaign on our website. Check out our Facebook scheduling application for more information and contact us today to see how SimplyCast can help with your Facebook marketing.

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