How do I search for hard bounced email addresses?

How do I search for hard bounced email addresses?


Hard bounced email addresses are invalid email addresses that cannot be delivered. The email addresses are located in your email suppression list, which can be accessed through the Email menu. The suppression list will display both hard bounced emails and unsubscribes, with hard bounced emails noted in the Hard Bounce column with the value of "Yes". To find a specific email address, use the search box above the list of emails and press the Search button to find the address you have entered.

Searching a Specific List for a Hard Bounced Email:

To find a hard bounced email on a specific mailing list you'll need to go to the Search Contacts section of the CRM application.

  1. Select the list that you wish to search or leave the default value to search all contacts.
  2. From the Date Column drop down list select email_hard_bounce. Next, look for the box next to it on the right and determine the parameter option for the filter. The options available in the dropdown menu available in this field are "before" and "after," meaning you can filter the list to find contacts whose emails hard bounced before or after a certain date.
  3. Select a date from the calendar that appears when clicking the value field on the right. Click the "Add" button.
  4. In the dropdown box under "What do we do with the results" select the option to "Show me results."
  5. Click the "Go" button.

If you have any questions regarding hard bounced emails and how to find them in the SimplyCast platform, be sure to contact our helpful Support Team today at They would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our CRM application or any other of our many, versatile products.

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