When don't I need permission to send CEMs?

When don't I need permission to send CEMs?

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Yes. In some cases, permission is not required to send commercial electronic messages. Messages that do not require consent include:

  • Messages that provide an estimate that the contact requested from the business ("For the services you inquired about, the price would be $150.")
  • Messages that confirm a commercial transaction ("Thank you for your order. It has been received successfully."
  • Messages that contain important information about a product which the contact has purchased or used, such as warranty, recall or safety information ("Please note, regarding your recent purchase: Product ZX67A should never be placed upside down.")

You can look up more exemptions and stipulations for consent on our blog, as well as on our dedicated CASL page. Contact support@simplycast.com and our team will gladly answer any questions you might have!

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