How does Sonar work? Intro to the Dashboard

How does Sonar work? Intro to the Dashboard

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How does Sonar work?

So. You have asked "How does Sonar work?" Below you will find an overview of the main Sonar Dashboard to help answer this question.


The Sonar dashboard is broken up into blocks of information that are easy to digest. From here, you will be able to see how many trackers have been created in a set time, how many total hits you've received and how many unique visitors have hit your site. The last two are distinguished by IP, browser identity and cookies so as to avoid tracking the same customer's repeat visits as unique. The total numbers displayed are in a larger font, and the weekly changes are in a smaller font, usually in percentages. It's worth noting that if no trackers have been created in a week the change indicator will simply show an infinity symbol.

Below those, you'll be able to view the graph of link clicks among your trackers over time. This can be narrowed in scope from one month to a year prior using the buttons in the upper left.  You can also modify the timeline by using the pull tabs near the bottom of the graph or by input in the text boxes on the upper right.

The final two spaces are reserved for browser breakdown (a pie chart telling you which browsers your customers are using) and also a list of your top performing links. This tells you how many clicks your best performers are getting and on what browsers.

How is this information beneficial to me?

Knowing where your customers are spending the most time allows you to market to them directly while knowing that some of your trackers are underperforming allows you to optimize and adapt. The basic overview provided on the dashboard won't tell you the specifics but it does give you a general idea of how things are going. On top of that, just a glance at the dashboard can tell you, your webmaster or your developer what browsers to optimize for. This can ensure that your content is coded correctly and the majority of your customers see what they are supposed to.

Do I have to pay for this feature?

No. Sonar is 100% free for our customers, and that means that the dashboard will populate with data so long as it has the ability. If you have Sonar, you have these reports.

Now that we have answered the question "How does Sonar work?," and have shown you the Dashboard, you can check out these additional FAQs on the Sonar application and viewing Sonar reports.

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