What is a landing page form?

What is a landing page form?

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A landing page form is a popular method used for data collection on standalone web pages that are not a fixed part of a personal or business website and are generally used as part of marketing or promotional campaigns. These webpages are otherwise known as landing pages.

A landing page form essentially provides visitors to a landing page with a concrete call to action, letting them easily determine what the purpose of the landing page is - which is to gather their information or get them to sign up for something. And once a visitor submits the form, the information that it collects will be stored in a contact database for the owner of the landing page to use for their future marketing and promotions. 

As well, the landing page form may also be connected to a larger automated marketing campaign, in that a submission made to the form could trigger a series of messages sent to the submitter based on the information they submitted.

For example, say a visitor to your company's landing page completes the form located on it that asks visitors to sign up to receive more information about a specific product. In the form, there is a field asking the submitter which product they wish to receive more information about. An automated communication system can leverage conditional logic to automatically send that contact a specific follow-up message based on the selection made in that field. The landing page form is essentially the entry point into the automated communication campaign.

SimplyCast's Landing Page Generator allows users to create sophisticated-looking landing pages with the ability to add in forms, created using the SimplyCast Form Builder, to collect visitor information. SimplyCast then gives users the option to host the landing page and associated landing page form using the SimplyCast domain or their own custom domain.

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