What is automated phone messaging?

What is automated phone messaging?

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Automated phone messaging refers to the practice of delivering a generated voice or text-to-voice message to your selected contact lists automatically - in other words, sending a voice call to many phone numbers without the input of each telephone number manually. With SimplyCast’s “no code required” solution, the user can easily save time with their cold-calling processes and set up automated phone messaging campaigns, without requiring any computer programming experience.

With SimplyCast’s automated phone calling system software, users have extended automation capabilities for their automated phone messaging campaigns. These capabilities include scheduling, data report analysis, and smart voice broadcasting through your campaign.

Full customizability in the SimplyCast platform, including the ability to leverage its workflow automation tool to allow the user to send a contact a voice message through an automated campaign with precision, depending on inputs from the contact, to exactly where the user would like them to end up. Again, this is done without having to dial a single phone number and with full automation.

An automated voice messaging campaign can leverage tools provided within the software to allow the user to customize the content and scheduling of their campaign to their specific needs and wants. Also, you can read this blog regarding call marketing automation more specifically if you have questions regarding any of the tools and features provided in the Voice channel, or advice on how to begin creating your automated voice messaging campaign. This might also help to answer the question, “how can I send a mass voice message?”

If you would like to request a one-on-one demo to see the SimplyCast Voice application in action – where you can receive a real time walkthrough of the channel, uses, and the other tools at use, click the button provided at the bottom of the page!

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