What is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

Landing Page FAQs

What is a landing page?

Essentially, you can think of landing pages as standalone webpages that are created for one singular purpose. That purpose could be to gather subscriptions or signups; to sell a product or service; to provide information; or anything else you can think of. The primary goal of most landing pages is to get visitors to the page to perform some sort of action or interact with the page in a certain way. These actions are also known as conversions.

Landing pages are beneficial in that they can be disabled whenever they are no longer needed, meaning they dont have to be a permanent addition to a business's website and no redesigning is needed to make space for it.

A landing page is typically the first impression that a potential customer gets after clicking on a link to your site. This means that the landing page should be a reflection of a business's primary website, with generally the same look and feel as the parent site. Landing pages are often created and used in a business's paid advertising campaigns as a way to promote the business and drive visitors to their main website. This is why it is important to not to jar or shock landing page visitors by having two completely different styles between the landing page and the main website it is directing them to. The experience should be as seamless as possible to increase the chances for conversions. 

Hopefully now you have a better idea as to what is a landing page. SimplyCast offers a landing page generator that can help your business collect leads and conversions and monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. You can find out more about what a landing page is by visiting the Landing Page application product page.

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