Why should I use text message marketing?

Why should I use text message marketing?


Text message marketing is one of, if not the best way, to market to a large group of people all while maximizing deliverability. It is an efficient and easy way to do so, and it does not cost much to create a text campaign. With the majority of people always having a phone on them, text message marketing comes out as one of the top ways to interact with customers, as it has high open and delivery rates. On top of this, text message marketing is more personal for customers as it goes straight to the customer's phone. Being able to create automatic appointment reminders, flash sale coupons, exclusive promotions, and much more, text marketing is a more versatile form of communicating to potential customers and even converting them.

Another reason why you should use text message marketing, is that it allows you to be able to spark one-on-one conversations with potential and current customers allowing you to build better relationships which can lead to an increased chance of converting them. You are also able to select the date and time you wish to send your SMS campaign by locating the Schedule SMS section and clicking the Click to Set Date field in the campaign editor. This makes it easier on your end when you want to send a message to customers. You will also get updated in real time with who and when someone has clicked on a link that you have sent out, which helps show who is interacting with the messages you are sending them. For this reason, text message marketing is a very simple, yet effective way to market and should be considered a viable option. Excited to try it out? Contact us for more information on how to get started and a SimplyCast Sales Team member will be more than happy to help! Or if you would like to even give it a try, click the button below to request a demo.

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