What are the Differences Between SMS and MMS?

What are the Differences Between SMS and MMS?

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What are the Differences Between SMS and MMS?

The majority of us have phones on us at all times, which means there are a lot of people sending texts back and forth between one another. However, a lot of us may not know what SMS means, and even more so what MMS means. Both terms seem similar in many ways but there are some key differences that separate them. They both apply to the idea of sending a text message. An SMS is basically just a text message, whereas an MMS is where you send a video or picture along with the message.

Once you understand what distinguishes SMS and MMS you can better identify how both can be applied to your business processes. This understanding can help you better decide which mass texting service is a better fit for your business. Both options are very helpful for getting in contact with customers and building stronger relationships with them. Not using either, however, can result in weaker relationships with customers which can lead to greater customer churn.

What is SMS?

Now you may be wondering if there is a difference between an SMS and just a regular text message. Putting it simply, there is not really one. “SMS” just stands for short message service, which is just a more elegant way of saying text message. The only main difference between the two terms is the fact that an SMS is only allowed to have a maximum of 140 characters per message and does not allow videos or pictures to be included in the message.

What is MMS?

MMS is basically just an upgraded version of an SMS. What does MMS stand for? Multimedia messaging service. The main thing that separates SMS from MMS is the fact that with MMS, you are able to send multimedia elements in your messages. This includes things such as videos, pictures, and more. MMS also gives you the ability to send up to 1,600 characters per message, which is a big jump up from SMS.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SMS and MMS

Both SMS and MMS are strong methods for engaging and connecting with customers, but both come with their ups and downs. One option may be better in a situation than the other so it all depends on what you are looking to do.

Advantages of SMS

  • Cheaper to send
  • Gets to the point a lot quicker
  • Does not need as much time and effort to design one

Disadvantages of SMS

  • Unable to send videos, pictures, or other media, which can make it harder to grab attention
  • Limited amount of character space, so you can only include so much information and detail

Advantages of MMS

  • Able to include videos, pictures and other media in a message, helping it be more pleasing to the eye
  • Much more flexibility with a 1,600 character-limit, helping you if you need to send more information

Disadvantages of MMS

  • Costs more to send
  • Not everyone’s phone plans allow for MMS to be received, which can lead to missing out on potential customers
  • May need to hire someone to design MMS messages to make them look more appealing and interesting

Interested in trying out SMS marketing for your business?

The main takeaway is that it all depends on what you are looking to do with your mobile marketing. SMS tends to be the easiest option to use when sending out mass text messages to a large number od contacts at once, as it saves marketers a lot of time and effort in the long run.

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