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Knowing who is interacting with your communication is important. Knowing exactly what they are interacting with is really important to optimize your campaigns. Track exactly what each contact does using behavioral tracking - whether it is clicking on a link, opening an email, downloading a file, and then tag each accordingly.SimplyCast's CRM allows you to use behavior tracking on a contact-by-contact basis in order to know automatically what each client's interests and needs are. This information is stored on each contact profile and allows you to see, at a glace, an overview of that contact's interactions with your content as well as a comprehensive view of their overall history. Behavioral tracking allows users to learn more about their audience in a non-intrusive manner, and then use that information to offer more to each contact individually.


Leverage the Power of Behavioral Tracking


To take behavioral tracking one step further, you can combine the power of SimplyCast's CRM with its powerful Sonar web tracking tool. Sonar allows you to gather specific information about each client and what specifically they have looked at in regards to your online content. This includes website/web page views, email opens and clicks, and more. This information is then automatically stored in the CRM for future use customizing email campaigns, used for decision-based sending logic, and any other personalization needed within a campaign. If you'd like to learn more about how behavioral tracking can be leveraged within SimplyCast, click here to read more about Sonar web tracking and click here to learn more about the SimplyCast CRM. Or, if you're ready to leverage behavioral tracking for your business and start offering your contacts more engaging and personalized information, contact us today! Our sales team would be happy to work with you to create a custom package that best suits your needs. 


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