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Sonar Web Tracking Software

Accurately track your visitors’ activities

Monitor every single interaction made by your visitors when they are exploring your website, emails, or any other web content.

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Generate insights from your visitors’ online engagement

Websites are designed to inform and educate visitors about your business. But how do you learn if your web contents are producing enough engagement? Have you ever wondered who is visiting your site? Do you wish you could build a customer profile to better follow up on a lead? With Sonar from SimplyCast, you can answer both of these questions.


SimplyCast’s Sonar Web Tracker monitors visitors’ activities on your web property. It is an extremely versatile tool that works both on its own and in tandem with our other applications to deliver powerful insights that can assist you with lead tracking, website optimization, and data collection. Sonar can even capture engagement from anonymous leads, providing you with accurate online interaction insights.


It is super easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use our software.


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Web Tracking Software

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Track anonymous or known leads and customers from the very first point of contact with web tracking software. Use information gathered to create highly targeted automated nurturing campaigns that lead to more conversions and increased revenue. Shorten your sales cycle and reach out to leads with unique personalized content based on their needs and interests.

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