SimplyCast - Compare and Combine Automated Voice Messaging Reports

Compare and Combine Automated Voice Messaging Reports

This feature allows users to view their automated voice messaging campaign(s) in comparison to another they have created, allowing them to make decisions, change certain aspects of future campaigns, and increase their understanding of their automated voice messaging campaigns based on the analysis they have conducted. In each section of the report the user will see various information regarding the selected campaigns displayed.

Comparing reports

Comparing selected automatic calling campaigns can be an effective analysis tool, as the user is able to compare reports using a variety of criteria. For example, the user could compare reports from automated voice messaging campaigns that were sent at different times of the day, on different days of the week, or during different seasons of the year. This allows users to, again, make decisions based off the information displayed for the two reports.

Combining reports

When combining multiple reports, the user is prompted through a few very simple steps. Combined reports can then be copied or downloaded depending on the desired use of the report. The information available in the combined report will appear similar to that of a single automated voice messaging campaign report, but it will contain the data for all included mass calling campaigns.

Both features are made easily accessible to users because of the robust filtering capabilities, and the information provided in the automated voice messaging campaign reports. The analysis and comparison of reports is made streamlined and simple with SimplyCast’s no- code software. However, if a user does experience difficulties or would like to find a simpler way of conducting any of their tasks, SimplyCast encourages them to contact their Account Manager who will be glad to assist them! If the user does not have an Account Manager, they should email for assistance.

If you are interested in seeing how this automated voice messaging feature works for yourself, don’t hesitate to request a demo by clicking the button below, where you will be walked through the platform by one of our experienced team members!

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