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The modal form feature is something that many companies use within SimplyCast’s online form builder. A modal form is essentially a form/survey that appears as a pop-up window on your web page.

The Modal Form section in the View Project Links pop-up on the Form Builder dashboard allows you to do five things:

  • Edit your modal form settings in the Form Builder or Survey editor by clicking on the blue Click Here link, which will take you to the modal form step in the project’s configuration.
  • Copy the code found in the first field of the Modal Form section in the pop-up and paste it to your web page to create a modal form that will appear to visitors after a designated period of time.
  • Have your modal form/survey open up on your web page at the click of a button by copying the code from the second field in the Modal Form section of the pop-up and adding it to the “a” tag of the code from the first field in this section on your web page.
  • Obtain the QR (quick response barcode) code for your form/survey in three available sizes by clicking on any of the blue hyperlinks for the words Small, Medium, or Large at the bottom of the Modal Form section in the Project Links pop-up.
  • Share your form/survey via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Yahoo by clicking on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the Project Links pop-up window.

There are also a couple Modal Form settings that you can adjust in SimplyCast’s online form builder when you are setting up your form or survey. SimplyCast provides you with enough options to be able to tailor your web form to your needs.

The first option that appears at the top of the Modal Form Settings page in the Form Builder allows you to choose whether to have the form/survey load automatically after a certain amount of time has passed when someone is on your web page. Check off this option if this is the way you want to display your form/survey.

Another field will appear below this checkbox where you can determine the number of seconds after the web page is loaded that you want the form/survey to appear. Type in the desired number of seconds into the field provided.

The second option that appears on the Modal Form Settings page is for if you wish to add the modal form to your web page as a button that visitors will need to click to produce the modal form. You are able to configure the appearance of the button that will appear on your web page.

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