SimplyCast - Schedule your Automatic Calling Campaign

Schedule your Automatic Calling Campaign

With two different timing options available to schedule your automatic calling campaign, the user can select a date and time or choose to launch the campaign immediately. This allows the user to be flexible with the saturation of automatic calling and time the campaign effectively with other aspects of their business. When selecting the scheduling option in the setup for a voice campaign, a dropdown calendar will allow the user to easily select a day and time to send the automated phone calls.

Alternatively, the “Send Now” button will launch your automatic calling campaign immediately following its completion and prompt the user to crosscheck aspects of the call broadcasting campaign.

Green check marks indicate that the relevant aspect of the campaign is complete and ready to launch, yellow exclamation points indicate that there is a minor issue such as missing information, however the project can still be launched. Red X’s indicate that the user is missing necessary information to launch their automatic calling campaign and will be prompted to include this information.

Each error will explain any issues encountered and provide the user a button to return to the relevant section. Once the campaign is free of errors it can be sent based on the timing provided with the “Complete” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Automatic calling is made extremely simple with SimplyCast’s no-code Voice Broadcasting solution; however, we invite users to request a demo and ask which use case they would like us to solve in order to increase the efficiency in their business

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