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Send Mass Texts

Being able to connect to a large number of customers is always a top priority when it comes to marketing. With the use of SimplyCast’s SMS marketing software, you are able to send mass texts to consumers. SimplyCast’s SMS marketing software allows you to send more personalized messages on a bigger scale which helps build better relationships and decreases the chances of opt-outs. This, in turn, transforms more people into stronger customers.

Thanks to SimplyCast being a no-code solution, it is easy to set up and send a mass text message. You are also able to schedule it to be sent at a specific time if needed.

SMS is a quick and simple mode of communication that can allow your organization to reach out to subscribed contacts and send them alerts, surveys, and more directly to their phones. You can select and choose who you want the SMS to be sent to, and what keywords they can reply with to gain more information. SimplyCast’s SMS marketing software is one of the best ways to market to a large amount of people through mass texting all while making sure each text message has a personal feel to it and not breaking the bank. If you are interested, or would like to learn more about our SMS marketing software, contact our Sales Team and a team member will happily assist you with any questions. As well, if you would like to see how the SMS tool works for yourself, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo.

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