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Shift Planner

Manage multiple employee schedules with the help of a shift planner tool.


Why do you need a shift planner?


An online shift planning tool helps organizations create, manage, and update shift schedules in a more organized way than with the more traditional paper and pen scheduling methods. With a tool that allows you to create and customize shifts according to your organization's needs, you can be more efficient and accurate when it comes to monitoring your employees' schedules. SimplyCast's OnCall channel includes shift planning and management capabilities that will help your organization create and assign custom shifts.


How do I use this feature?


Using OnCall's shift planner tool is easy. In the OnCall interface, simplyย determine which contact group you wish to create the new custom shift(s) for and then add and configure shifts as needed. When configuring a new shift, determine the shift start and end time, which days of the week the shift will apply to, as well as whether the shift will be recurring or not, and for how long. As well as being able to plan, add, and customize shifts using the OnCall application, your organization can also determine the staffing thresholds for these created shifts. Include the minimum and ideal staffing thresholds when customizing new shifts. Ensure you have the appropriate number of employees scheduled for each shift by viewing the visual color cues on the OnCall interface that show whether the set minimum or ideal thresholds have been met. This will allow your organization to add more employees to the shift as required to prevent being understaffed.


Want to make your shift planning more efficient?


Contact the SimplyCast Team today to see just howย the OnCall application can make your organization's scheduling efforts more organized with features such as shift planning, threshold setting, group phone numbers, and more!


We would be happy to show you more of what we have to offer in terms of tools and services to help increase efficiency in your business or organization.

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