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Thank You Page

Having a thank you page appear at the end of your web form once a user submits it can make the customer feel valued and aware that you are using their data.

The first tab that appears underneath the Opt-in Users checkbox in the left-hand black box on the Opt-in stage of the form setup process is the Thank You page. The Thank You page is the first screen your form/survey recipients will see as soon as they submit their form/survey. You can either use a default thank you page for your web form, or you can customize it to make it look the way you want.

SimplyCast has a default thank you page that you are able to customize. When you select this option:

  • Modify the title of the Thank You page by inserting your own title in the Page Title field. You may also choose to use the default “Thank You” title that auto-populates the field.
  • Change the page’s header by typing into the Header field located directly beneath the Page Title field, or you can use the default “Submission Complete” header provided. You can also associate a merge tag to the header by selecting the CRM column you would like to pull the information from the dropdown menu found to the right of the Header field and clicking the blue Add button. This will pull personalized information for each contact and add it to the Thank You page.
  • Next, type in a message in the Body field below the Header field or use the message that is already auto-populated in the text box. With this field as well, you have the option to add a merge tag to the message by selecting the relevant CRM column from the dropdown menu provided to the left of this field and click the blue Add button.

You are also able to connect a custom thank you page to your SimplyCast web form/survey. When you select the Custom Thank You Page option, a field labeled Opt-in Page URL will appear where you can insert the URL of your company or organization’s customized Thank You page, in the event that you do not want to use the default option provided.

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