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Two-way SMS software

Being able to communicate to customers is key to building strong and lasting relationships, along with the best way convert those who are not full customers yet into consistent ones. That is exactly what SimplyCast’s SMS Marketing Software is for. You are able to communicate to these customers with a simple yet personalized SMS message and have them able to communicate back to you with the two-way SMS feature. On top of being able to respond to the message with a certain keyword or short code to gain more information, they are also able to respond to the message themselves allowing for you to be able to communicate to them personally. This can be done by selecting an email address that you want all SMS replies to be sent to. This allows you to be able to get notified immediately and get in touch with them all from the tips of your fingers. Thanks to SimplyCast being a low-code and/or no-code solution it is even easier. Let the SimplyCast SMS tool do all the work by following these simple steps.

In the SMS editor:

  • Locate the Forward Replies to Email checkbox found in the black box to the left of your screen, directly underneath the blue Preview button.
  • When you check off this box, a new field will appear below the checkbox where you can select an email address your SMS replies will be forwarded to.
  • Click the address field and a dropdown menu will appear with the available email addresses to choose from.

Once this is set up and you send your two-way SMS campaign, you will be able to communicate with your customers like never before. Using keywords and two-way SMS messaging is important when you want to build stronger relationships with your customers as it can be used in variety of ways as seen here.

If you are interested, or would like to learn more about our SMS Marketing Software, contact our sales team and a team member will happily assist you with any gestions. Also, if you would like to give it a try, request a demo below!

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